Spend Less On Your Storage Unit With These Three Tips

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If you live in a city with a self storage facility, renting a unit to store the extra items that are cluttering your home can be beneficial. With fewer possessions in your garage, basement and throughout your house, you’ll often find yourself in an environment that feels less overwhelming. If you’re on a budget and are tentative about the idea of paying for rental space, don’t give up on your goal of decluttering your home. Instead, you can turn to some easy-to-adopt tips to help you save money on the cost of your storage unit. Here are three ways to reduce the price that you’ll pay. Be Smart When You Pack Don’t be in a hurry to gather your extra belongings and transport them to the storage facility. Instead, devote ample time and effort to packing carefully to lessen the overall volume of your possessions. When you’re rushing, it can be easy to toss a few items in a box, close the box and move on to another task. This approach, however, often leaves extra room inside the box that you’re not using. When repeated, you can end up with far more boxes than necessary — and have to pay for a larger storage unit. Spending time packing efficiently can often be the key to renting a smaller unit. Loan When You Can Large items such as furniture can quickly fill up a storage space and require you to pay for a larger and more expensive unit. Take stock of the large items that you’re planning to store and see if you can loan them to anyone in your circle of friends and family members. This approach means that you can often rent a smaller unit and that those in need around you will benefit from your furniture. Think of a teenager going off to college, for example, who might be able to benefit from the use of a free furniture item for a few years. Split The Bill Check to see if any of your family members have excess possessions and a desire to rent space at a storage facility. If you can find someone who’s interested, consider putting your money together and splitting the rental of a larger unit. This cost-effective approach can save you money and also be convenient if you’re looking for an extra set of hands to help you transport your items to the storage facility. For more tips, contact a company like Sentry Mini-Storage...

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Avoid Storage Nightmares With These Tips For Storing Your Possessions

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If you do not have enough space for everything you own, a storage facility can be an option. These units come in different sizes and can be climate controlled. Storing your things in a storage unit can expose them to moisture, insects and critters. To prevent damage, a few good practices can help. If you want to avoid storage unit nightmares, here are some tips to ensure nothing happens to the things you love: 1. Prioritizing And Organizing Items To Prevent Accidents In Storage There may be many different items that you want to store. Valuable items like antiques and garden equipment do not go together well. Separating these items can help to prevent accidents in your storage unit. Try to keep valuables in the back, away from the door. This will help protect them and keep them safe if anyone ever breaks into your unit. If you are going to be storing any liquids, consider putting them in a different unit. 2. Keeping Items Off The Floor To Prevent Water Damage It is hard to know what other people have stored next to your unit. There can be liquids and chemicals, which may leak. To prevent damage to your possessions, keep everything off the floor. To do this, you can go to local businesses and pickup a few leftover pallets to put on the floor of your unit. This will ensure that water and other liquids do not reach your stored items and damage them. 3. Leave Insect Traps To Keep Critters Out Of Storage Just like with water, there can be a lot of insects in storage units. Termites, roaches and rats can damage furniture and get into boxes. To prevent this, leave traps around the unit to deter insects. You can also put mothballs in any wood boxes or drawers of furniture. You may want to spray the borders of the unit before you put anything in it to help. You can also leave citronella candles (not lit of course) in all the corners of the unit to repel any potential pests. 4. Make Sure Valuable Items Are Secure Valuable goods in storage may be covered with your rental contract, but you will want to check. Look for a storage facility with on-site security to protect your valuable goods. Some facilities offer complete security and surveillance around the clock to protect your possessions. You may pay a little more, but it is worth the investment. These are some tips to help prevent damage to items you put in storage. If you need to make space, contact a storage facility to get the unit that is right for keeping your possessions...

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Two Tips For Storing Your Business’s Important Documents

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There are many businesses that are required by either the law or professional regulations to retain their clients’ documents. This is particularly common for those in the legal or medical field, but storing these documents can be a logistical challenge. While mini storage may be one of the best options for retaining these documents without cluttering your office, it is important for you to take some steps to prevent damage from occurring to these documents while they are being stored.  Wrap The Boxes In Plastic Every box that you put into the storage unit should be wrapped in several layers of protective plastic. This plastic will help prevent condensation from forming on the interior of the box by keeping moist air from getting inside it. However, this is not the only benefit that this protective layer will offer because it will also keep insects from getting inside the box and damaging your documents.  Some people may avoid this because they are concerned they will not be able to tell which box is which. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem because you can simply use a label maker to easily identify the contents of each box. To help make it easier for you to keep these boxes encased in plastic wrap, you should keep a roll of this wrap at the storage unit, and you should invest in a portable label maker so you can easily wrap and label the boxes that you have used.  Insulate The Boxes While plastic wrap is excellent at prevent condensation from forming, there are times where it is not the best option on its own. For example, if the air is extremely humid, there is a chance a small amount of condensation may form on the interior of the box. Luckily, you can easily insulate the box to prevent this condensation from coming into contact with your important documents.  When insulating the box, you will want to use crinkled newspaper, and you will need to ensure that there are at least a couple of inches of newspaper at the top of the box. However, you need to make sure to only use unprinted newspaper to eliminate the risk of ink transferring to your important documents.  Your business’s important documents do not have to be placed at risk when you store them. By understanding the benefits of wrapping the boxes in plastic and insulating them with newspaper, you can help ensure that your documents will be in excellent condition when you need them. For more information about this and other storage topics, contact a professional like Simonson’s Mini...

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Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Mini Storage Costs

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Got too much stuff and not enough space to store it all? If so, then it may be time to rent out a mini storage unit, from a company like All American Mini Storage, as a means of having extra space to store your belongings. Before you sign a lease agreement on a unit, however, there are some steps you’ll want to take to save yourself money–especially if you’re on a tight budget. These tips will help you cut down on costs without sacrificing storage in the process. Start By De-Cluttering First and foremost, consider going through your belongings and simply getting rid of things you no longer need or use. You can choose to donate your unwanted belongings, throw them in the trash, pass them onto a loved one, or even hold a garage sale to make a profit. Either way, by getting rid of some stuff here and there, you can reduce the total size of the storage unit that you need to rent, which will save you money in the long-run and allow you to live in a less cluttered space. Know How to Maximize Space Furthermore, be sure to rent out the smallest unit you possibly can that will still give you enough space for your belongings. After all, you don’t want to pay for space every month that you’re not going to use. There are plenty of ways to maximize space in your storage unit, such as by adding shelving (with your storage landlord’s permission, of course), storing small items in unused furniture drawers, and stacking boxes and storage containers on top of each other. Some storage facilities may even have some shelving that you can rent out for a small fee as part of your lease agreement to maximize your space. Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate Finally, even if you see a posted monthly rate for the unit you want, don’t be afraid to speak with the manager and see if there’s anything they can do to lower it. There may be a special promotion coming up that he or she can apply to your rental rate to save you money. Furthermore, consider asking if there is a discount offered for customers who pay in cash, as many managers will be willing to knock some money off the monthly rental fee if it means avoiding credit card transaction fees and the like. You might be surprised at just how much a little negotiation can save you on your storage...

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Keeping Moisture Out Of Your Storage Unit

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If you are renting a storage unit in the near future, you will want to do whatever necessary to keep your belongings free of moisture. Even a small amount of moisture can cause damage like mold, mildew, rust or wood rot and ruin some of your items, making it important to take steps to avoid this altogether. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your items for storage so they stay dry and ways help keep moisture levels in your storage unit minimal. Packing To Avoid Moisture Before packing items to go into storage, make sure they are thoroughly dry. Any moist items put into storage will raise the humidity level, making other items prone to damage. When storing clothing, put items in the dryer for ten minutes before folding them and putting them into bins. When storing water activity items, such as scuba gear, fishing equipment, or boating items, leave them out in the sun to dry for several hours before putting them into storage to help remove any moisture that is trapped within the materials. Place furniture covers over any wood furniture or mattresses to keep moisture away from the items. Never place plain plastic over wood furniture, as it can trap moisture underneath, making damage even worse. Most storage units have concrete floors. Keeping items prone to moisture away from the concrete will help keep them safe. Use wood pallets or shelving units to lift these items off of the floor. Preparing The Unit When you rent your storage unit, take a look at the seal around the doorway to make sure it is working properly. If there are any gaps or spaces where water can get through, you may have a lot of trouble combating moisture inside. Pour a bottle of water on the ground in front of your storage unit while the door is shut. Lean it upon the door as you dump it out so that the water goes up to the seal. When you open the door, look at the floor to see if any water had gotten inside. If the seal is not working, ask the storage unit manager to switch you to a different unit. There are a few items you can place around your storage unit to help keep moisture from building up inside. Place a few bowls of charcoal in the corners of the rooms. Charcoal will retain moisture that is in the air, helping to keep levels of humidity low. Cedar wood and cat litter have the same ability. Many people opt for placing cedar wood blocks around their storage unit, as it helps keep away moisture while leaving a fragrant scent in the unit. Contact a storage unit like Statewide Self Storage today if you’re looking for one in your...

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