Three Reasons For Small Business Owners To Use Self-Storage

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Running a small business provides you with many opportunities for success, but also many different challenges that you must handle. In many cases, one of these challenges can be managing the small amount of space you have for your office or storefront. If you have significant storage needs, you might find yourself keeping some of your products at home in your garage and transporting things to and from your office regularly. There’s a better way. By renting a space at a self-storage facility near your place of work, you can store the items that you don’t need on a daily basis in this new space to have them readily available — and free up the space in your home at the same time. Here are three reasons for small business owners to use self-storage. Secure Space For Documents Even if you keep digital copies of your important financial statements, it’s common for small business owners to also keep this information as hard copies. Over the years, these invoices, bank statements, order forms and other documents can fill up box after box and take up significant space in your office. Since you don’t typically need to consult these hard copies regularly, you can transport them to a self-storage facility nearby. Many such facilities pride themselves on providing secure storage for customers, so you won’t have to worry about your private information being made public. Opportunity To Order In Bulk If you’re in the business of selling products, you might find that you need to keep your orders from your suppliers low because of a shortage of storage space. When you’re making smaller orders, it’s common for the cost per unit to be higher than during larger bulk orders. You can improve your financial bottom line by making larger orders and simply storing the goods that you don’t immediately need at your nearby self-storage facility. A Place To Store Office Items Whether you’re the type of small business owner who occasionally ends up with surplus office equipment or you just enjoy decorating around the holidays and have a significant amount of decor items, it’s ideal to avoid allowing these things to clutter your space. Over time, they can make your office seem disorganized and even cause stress to your employees. It’s better to load up what you don’t consistently need and store it off-site. Everything will still be easily accessible without cluttering your working space. Go to website to learn...

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Three Situations In Which Short-Term Storage Can Be Beneficial

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Some customers of self-storage businesses rent units to use for years on end as an extension of their storage space at home. While this approach is certainly handy if you’re short on storage space, it’s not the only way to use a self-storage facility in your community. Because many of these businesses don’t require their customers to sign long-term contracts, it’s often possible to secure storage space for a month or even less time. If you’re facing a situation in which you need a storage solution but don’t require it for long, a self-storage facility that offers short-term rentals can make your life easier. Here are three such situations. Home Renovation One of the challenges commonly faced during home renovations is finding a place to store the items that normally live in the rooms that are being worked on. It’s difficult, for example, to simply relocate couches, bookshelves and other large pieces of furniture – especially if your home is small. Whether you don’t have space or simply want to maintain some degree of order in your home during the completion of the project, self-storage can come in handy. You can transport all the items that would otherwise be in the way during your renovation and know that they’re clean and out of harm’s way until the makeover project is complete. Estate Management Dealing with the estate of a recently deceased loved one can pose logistical challenges. In many cases, you need to get the home listed for sale as quickly as possible and might not have time to sort through all the possessions. Because homes that aren’t cluttered look better to prospective buyers, it’s beneficial to think about transporting the items that are taking up excess space in the home to a nearby self-storage facility. This will hopefully help you sell the home more quickly and you’ll have time to concentrate on going through the items and dealing with them by donating them, selling them or giving them away. Unexpected House Guest If you’re playing host to someone who is moving into your home for a short amount of time – perhaps after a divorce – you might find that you need to create room. While the person might be traveling light, you can make his or her temporary living quarters feel more like home by removing your items and storing them in a self-storage facility. They’ll be conveniently out of the way for your guest and once this person moves on, you can return everything to its rightful place....

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How To Organize Your House

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Have you become frustrated because your house is just plain unorganized? Perhaps you realize that you keep it clean as a whistle, but that you are always looking for things because they don’t actually have a place to be stored. If you have decided to do a major organization job in your home, here are some ideas that might help you. Make It A Family Affair – Have a meeting where you explain to your family that you need each person’s help to get the house in order. Set a day and make sure that no other appointments or engagements are scheduled for that day. At your family meeting, present a chart that shows each of the chores that will need to be completed and ask for volunteers to do each chore. For example, if your DVDs need to be organized, write that down and encourage one of your kids to do that job. Big jobs, like organizing the attic or the garage may take more than one person to complete the job. Another good idea is to form teams for other areas. Pair little kids with older siblings or with a parent. The Big Day – Start early! Help your kids to understand that the earlier you start the organization of your home, the earlier you’ll be finished for evening fun. Ask each person to go through his or her own personal belongings. Have a place for items that will go to a charity organization and another place for items that will later be placed in a yard sale. Give everybody a sturdy plastic bag for garbage. Arrange for a charity to pick things up as soon as possible so nobody will be tempted to retrieve things and so your excess things will no longer be taking up space. Proper Storage – Be sure to provide good storage for belongings. For example, transparent boxes for shoes will be perfect for organizing bedroom closets. A long, flat box that fits under beds would be the perfect place to keep memorabilia. If you’ve come to the conclusion that you just don’t have enough storage space in your home for all your stuff, rent a storage unit. Don’t worry about the safety of your belongings. They’ll be kept in a climate-controlled unit and good storage companies provide twenty-four hour surveillance. You’ll be able to access your belongings any time you want to. For instance, if you have the opportunity to go on a last minute fishing trip, you can pick your gear up at your own convenience. It’s helpful to write down things that you don’t use often. For example, if you put your huge serving platter under one of the beds, you might need a reminder of where you placed...

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Two Reasons Why A Storage Unit Is The Perfect Place To Store Holiday Decorations

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Each holiday brings with it a flurry of activity that only seems to end once the season has passed.  If you really get into the swing of things, you likely have adorned the interior and exterior portions of your home with all kinds of decorations that are designed to put the spirit of the season on display.  However, it can be difficult to determine what to do with the decorations between holidays.  Use this information to learn more about why a storage unit is the perfect place to store your holiday decorations. Storage Units Help To Preserve Your Decorations One of the most compelling reasons why it is so beneficial to store your decorations in a self storage unit is because it is a key way for you to preserve your decorations.  The last thing you want to do is continue to spend money buying more and more decorations because the ones you bought previously have deteriorated. If you have a garage, you may believe that you can simply store them there between seasons.  However, many garages are not climate controlled, so the temperature within that space is subject to the weather conditions outside of your home.  This means that when the temperature becomes extremely hot or cold, so will the air in your garage.  This exposure to extreme weather conditions can cause rust to form on your metal decorations and may even speed up the decay of the decorations made from other materials if insects or other critters decide to escape the weather by hiding amongst your goods. Placing your decorations in a climate controlled storage unit keeps them away from the fluctuations of the weather.  This may help to extend the life of your decorations so you won’t have to constantly replace your holiday decoration collection. Storage Units Keep You From Losing Decorations Another problem that you may have found yourself running into involves keeping all of your decorations in one place.  It’s so easy to misplace decorations that are haphazardly thrown around the house.  Then, when the season arrives and you go looking for your wares, you’re unable to locate them. Keep all of your decorations in one spot by getting a storage unit.  You’ll always know where your items are, and you can even organize them in the unit by holiday for even quicker retrieval. Placing your decorations in a storage unit makes it easier for you to bask in the joy of the holidays.  Rent a storage unit for your decorations today so you can enjoy these benefits and more. For more information, contact local storage companies, such as Capitol City...

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4 Storage Facility Features You Should Consider Must Have As A Realtor

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When you are in the business of selling homes, part of being successful means that you have to have the ability to make a house feel more like a home to a potential buyer, which usually involves model furniture and staging. While it is always important to build up your repertoire of staging furniture and home accessories, finding a place to keep these items can be a trying feat. Having a storage unit is the most logical business solution in this situation. If you are considering renting a storage unit to store model home furniture for your realty business, there are features that you should be looking for in a facility. 1. Climate Control – You may be tempted to skimp when it comes to splurging on a climate-controlled storage unit, but this is actually less of a splurge and more of a wise investment when you are using the unit to store model home furnishings. Climate control means that the items will never be exposed to excessive heat, humidity, or cold, and this will easily prolong the life of some items, especially those that are made of wood or plastic. 2. Flexible Billing Options – When you run a successful business, keeping tabs on even the smallest bills and expenses can be trying because you stay so busy. Look for a storage facility that offers flexible billing options and does not require a long-term commitment. You will want to be able to pay in advance if you need to and terminate the contract at any point in the event that you sell all of the furniture with a home. 3. Easy Access with a Large Vehicle – When you are in the process of preparing a home for viewing, it can get really chaotic and you will most definitely be pressed for time. You will want to be able to drive right up to the storage unit where the staging furniture is stored and load it quickly, which is only possible if you have direct access to the storage unit with your truck or hauling vehicle. 4. Convenient Access Hours – It is important that the facility you choose can cater to your hectic schedule as a real estate agent. You may need to swing by and drop off items or pick them up in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Therefore, it is crucial that the facility you choose has flexible hours of availability for customers. For professional storage options, contact a company such as All American Mini...

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