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Storing The Right Way

Although it might not seem like there is a lot to using a storage facility, loading your unit the right way can save you a lot of time later. I move a lot for work, typically relocating at least once a year. Because I can't always take everything with me, I am an absolute professional when it comes to loading and unloading storage units. I know how to keep my stuff safe, report problems with my unit, and handle unforeseen circumstances. My website will teach you everything you need to know about storage units, so that you can have an excellent experience.



Storing The Right Way

    3 Ways To Use A Self-Storage Unit When You Have Guests Staying With You

    A self-storage unit is handy any time of the year when you have out-of-town guests stay with you for several days. When you have family and friends in your home, you want your house to be clean and welcoming. That's often difficult to achieve when your usual clutter is in the way. You can deal with this problem by renting a self-storage unit and moving excess belonging into storage until your guests leave.

    Why Your Shipping Business Should Consider Building Cold Storage Warehouses

    Many shipping businesses are starting to expand on the products they agree to ship to the public. This is especially true with smaller local shipping businesses that want to reach an at-home working family market with their products. If this sounds like your business, and the changes to the business model you are making, a cold storage warehouse may be a suitable option. Local Meats and Dairy As a local shipping company, you may already be working with various grocery companies.

    5 Things to Bring When Moving in or Out of a Storage Unit

    As you prepare your things for going into — and then coming out of — self-storage, don't overlook the need to prepare the storage unit as well. Here are five things you should bring as you get ready to move in and a few for moving out. 1. A Camera Before you start putting anything in the unit and again when it's empty, snap a few photos on your phone or device.

    Delicate Items That Require Special Care While In Storage

    Most people are familiar with the basic self-storage unit –– a large, open space where you can store pretty much anything. But what about those items that require a little bit more care? Here are two delicate items that require special care while in storage. Antiques Many people hold antiques in high regard, both for their sentimental value and their monetary worth. They can include things like special furniture, heirloom jewelry, or even art.

    Boat Storage Can Be The Best Way To Go

    If you have a boat you have been keeping on your property up to this point, learn about boat storage. Once you have a clearer picture of the advantages of boat storage, you may determine it's the best option. Here are a few good things about having your boat in storage:  Get your garage back If your boat is being stored in the garage, then you may not be able to use that space for other things you would want to be using it for.

    4 Features That Indicate A Storage Unit Is Secure

    When looking for a place to put your stuff, you want to look for a secure place. You want to look for a location where you feel safe leaving your items when you are not there. You can look for specific features that will help you identify a secure self-storage facility.  Feature #1: Fenced Property  When you pull up to the facility, the storage area should not be easy for you to access.

    5 Things To Put In Self Storage

    If your home is feeling a bit cramped for space, it may be time to get organized. You'd be surprised how much closet or cupboard space appears when you put these lesser-used items into self-storage where they are available when you need them.  1. Sports and Outdoor Gear Especially in locations with contrasting seasonal weather, storing sports and outdoor equipment in self-storage will free up a large amount of garage or closet space.

    Packing Your Old Musical Library For Long-Term Storage

    If you are in the process of moving, and you are planning on putting your music collection into storage, knowing how to package it properly will help keep it from becoming damaged. Records, cassette tapes, and compact discs should be packaged with care to keep the songs you love as part of your library. Here are some tips you can use when packaging these items so your musical tunes are available to listen to when you retrieve your collection from storage.