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Storing The Right Way

5 Things to Bring When Moving in or Out of a Storage Unit

by Sophia Meyer

As you prepare your things for going into — and then coming out of — self-storage, don't overlook the need to prepare the storage unit as well. Here are five things you should bring as you get ready to move in and a few for moving out.

1. A Camera

Before you start putting anything in the unit and again when it's empty, snap a few photos on your phone or device. The unit is usually clean and presentable upon rental, but document its condition just in case there are any existing dings or dents. Similarly, take some pics before you leave showing that it's clean, empty, and undamaged. 

2. Broom and Rags

Bring a few basic cleaning tools for move-in and move-out. This usually includes a broom, some rags, towels, all-purpose cleaner, empty plastic bags, and disinfectant wipes. The unit will have been cleaned by the facility, but be prepared to make sure it's up to your standards before you load in your own things. And certainly, you'll be expected to clean it properly on your way out. 

3. Pest Repellant

Prevent any unwanted pests — ranging from ants and spiders to mice and squirrels — from making themselves at home. Some people use commercial pest repellants such as traps or granules, placing them in corners and potential entry points. You may also use natural solutions like mothballs, peppermint oil on cotton balls, or cedar blocks. 

4. Pallets and Mats

Protect your items from damage, spills, leaks, and outside water by getting them off the floor of the storage unit. One of the easiest and best ways to do this is to put down a few used pallets before you stack anything. Lay mats on top of the pallets if items might fall between the boards. Or use mats as a protective base where pallets don't fit. 

5. Extra Lighting

Does your self-storage unit come with an overhead light? If not, be sure to bring along one of your own — something like a camping lamp — just in case. Many renters underestimate how long it may take to move in or clean out the unit and end up working until dusk or in dark conditions. And even if it's light outside, the interior light will fade as things are moved in. Make sure you can see what you're doing for safety. 

Where to Learn More

Start planning for your move-in or move-out day by putting together these items. Then talk with the staff at a self-storage facility in your area for more tips. With their help and your diligence, you'll be ready to meet all storage challenges.