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Storing The Right Way

3 Ways To Use A Self-Storage Unit When You Have Guests Staying With You

by Sophia Meyer

A self-storage unit is handy any time of the year when you have out-of-town guests stay with you for several days. When you have family and friends in your home, you want your house to be clean and welcoming. That's often difficult to achieve when your usual clutter is in the way. You can deal with this problem by renting a self-storage unit and moving excess belonging into storage until your guests leave. Here are three ideas for using a storage unit to make room for guests.

1. To Clear Out A Room For Sleeping

If you use the spare bedroom as a storage room, or if guests will need to sleep on the fold-out couch in your office, you'll want to get rid of exercise equipment, boxes of stored belongings, and anything else that takes space in the room so your guests have a comfortable and pleasant room for sleeping and plenty of room for changing clothes.

You can take the excess items to the self-storage unit and pick them up when your guests go home. Since you can rent a storage unit a month at a time, you won't be obligated to use it any longer than it's needed. Be sure to understand the terms concerning how to cancel your unit so you give enough notice that you won't be charged an extra month.

2. To Make More Room In Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is already crowded with more plates and cooking gadgets than you need, it may look cluttered and messy. You can buy dish boxes for packing that make it easy to clear out space in your cabinets so you can organize plates, mugs, and glasses.

Plus, if you have a lot of kitchen supplies, and you know you won't need some of them while your guests are there, packing up some and moving them to storage will make your kitchen look tidy and decluttered. The self-storage facility may sell moving boxes made to protect dishes so you can pack them quickly and easily while making sure fragile dishes and glasses are protected.

3. To Clean Out A Closet

If your spare closet is stuffed full, it can be embarrassing when your guests arrive and need a place to hang their coats. If you need to clear clothes out of a spare bedroom, consider buying a wardrobe box so you can leave the clothes on hangers while they're in your self-storage unit.

If you have items in your spare closet that have odd shapes, such as sports equipment, you might buy a large trash container for holding them so they stay organized and off of the floor in your unit. Clearing out your home for guests is a little work, but it's worth it for your house to look clean and tidy rather than a cluttered mess. Plus, your guests will feel more comfortable too.

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