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Storing The Right Way

4 Features That Indicate A Storage Unit Is Secure

by Sophia Meyer

When looking for a place to put your stuff, you want to look for a secure place. You want to look for a location where you feel safe leaving your items when you are not there. You can look for specific features that will help you identify a secure self-storage facility. 

Feature #1: Fenced Property 

When you pull up to the facility, the storage area should not be easy for you to access. There should be a fence that goes around the entire storage unit area so that people can't gain easy access to the property. This is a location where thousands of dollars worth of other people's things are stored; it shouldn't be easy for someone to access the building or buildings where the storage units are located.  

Feature #2: Restricted Access 

Second, you will want to look for a self-storage unit with restricted access. A unit with restricted access means that you have to enter a code or use a special keycard to gain access to the building or through the gate to access the storage units. Not just anyone can get into the building or pull their car through and back to the storage unit area. If you need a special code or card to access the building, your belongings are more likely to be safe. 

Feature #3: Cameras 

Third, you want to put your stuff in a property that monitors what is going on. There should be security cameras around the premises, especially on the doors or access points to the storage units. Those cameras should not just be running; there should be someone monitoring the cameras, whether on-site or via remote access. When someone is always watching, things are more likely to be safe. 

Feature #4: Self-Supplied Locks 

Finally, you should be asked to supply your own lock to your storage unit. Providing your own lock will help ensure that only you can access your storage unit and those you give keys to. Self-supplied locks mean that your items are secure inside your personal unit. 

If you are looking for a storage facility where your stuff is going to be safe, you need to look for one that is properly fenced, has restricted access, has security cameras that are actively monitored, and allows you to supply your lock for your unit. This type of storage facility, like Freeport West, ensures that your stuff is safe at every level.