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Storing The Right Way

Why Your Shipping Business Should Consider Building Cold Storage Warehouses

by Sophia Meyer

Many shipping businesses are starting to expand on the products they agree to ship to the public. This is especially true with smaller local shipping businesses that want to reach an at-home working family market with their products. If this sounds like your business, and the changes to the business model you are making, a cold storage warehouse may be a suitable option.

Local Meats and Dairy

As a local shipping company, you may already be working with various grocery companies. You may have a small fleet of drivers that deliver certain non-perishable food items to homes or to larger businesses in the area. The problem with this shipping model is you are limited to your area and to non-perishable foods. With the use of a cold storage warehouse, you can expand your items to meats, dairy, and fruit produced by local farmers. This helps local businesses, as well as gives you the ability to expand your business and offer fresh foods to your clients. 

Extreme Heat Conditions

There are several types of shipping companies. Some ship to local clients and businesses while others ship overseas to larger clients and communities. Regardless of your type of shipping company, there is one thing that can damage your items preparing for shipment. That one thing is extreme heat conditions. Heat can melt items like candles, makeup, and even foods. This ruins the product and causes recalls as well as massive refunds. When you use a cold storage warehouse, you are avoiding the damage the heat can cause and offering a safe cool place for all items your company ships. 

Longer Term Storage

There are times when you may have a large number of items on order to be shipped. The problem can be when the items you have are awaiting another portion of the order. This means you may be stuck with the partial order for an extended period of time while waiting for the rest of the order for shipping. Using a cold storage warehouse allows you to keep these items for a longer period of time without them becoming ruined, spoiled, or damaged. 

Depending on the structure of your shipping business, you may have the need for specialty cold storage warehouses. If this is the case, or if you are simply ready to move forward on the project, contact your commercial storage contractor. They can help you with design options and with any upgrades you may need to consider. They can also discuss the proper square footage you should consider and how you will be stocking and removing from that stock of items.