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Storing The Right Way

5 Things To Put In Self Storage

by Sophia Meyer

If your home is feeling a bit cramped for space, it may be time to get organized. You'd be surprised how much closet or cupboard space appears when you put these lesser-used items into self-storage where they are available when you need them. 

1. Sports and Outdoor Gear

Especially in locations with contrasting seasonal weather, storing sports and outdoor equipment in self-storage will free up a large amount of garage or closet space. This includes large items like bicycles, camping equipment, or fishing tackle that are not used in the winter months. 

In the summer, switch these items out with recreational equipment used in the winter. Skiing or snowboarding equipment, ice skates, and sleds can all be stored during the summer months giving you more space for the items you'll use regularly in the warmer weather. 

2. Seasonal Clothing and Accessories

There is no reason to keep beachwear and sand toys in your closet or dresser space when they could be stored elsewhere during colder months. Make it a habit to rotate your wardrobe as the seasons change, and this will free up bedroom space significantly. 

An added bonus to rotating your wardrobe is the rediscovery of items you haven't seen in months. Breaking out the fall wardrobe when the weather turns cool feels like shopping but without the price tag.

3. Baby and Kid Gear

Every parent knows that kids accumulate a lot of stuff that won't be used forever. While you may not have the heart to donate or discard a favorite toy or blanket, storing it can be a great way to keep the nostalgia while reclaiming the space.

Gear such as strollers, car seats, cribs, and playpens also take up a large amount of space and are expensive to replace should you ever need them again. Keeping them in storage will ensure you still have these items in case you need them. 

4. Photo Albums and Nostalgia

You can't bear to part with your high school yearbooks and photo albums, but they certainly don't need to clutter your home's bookshelves. Scrapbooks, art projects, letters from loved ones, or other significant paraphernalia can be safely housed in climate-controlled self-storage for later use. 

5. Formal Wear and Costumes

Tuxedos and evening gowns also take up a premium amount of closet space but are not worn often enough to merit this location. As you will usually have plenty of lead time before attending your next formal event, storing this kind of clothing is a wise move. 

Similarly, Halloween costumes can be stored until next year rather than in your living space. When these lesser-used items are out of the way, you'll have more space for the belongings you love and use on a regular basis.