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Storing The Right Way

Want Coverage For Items In Storage? Provide Your Insurance Provider With Detailed Information

by Sophia Meyer

Putting some of your belongings into storage is a common thing amongst Americans. About 10% of households have a storage unit that they maintain to hold their items. But, one of the trickiest things about this process is knowing whether your stored things are protected under insurance. The majority of insurance policies for home or renter's insurance will provide some level of coverage. To make sure you do not miss out on accurate coverage, you need to give them detailed information about these items.

Look at the Policy Specifics

Trying to put expensive items into storage may not be the best idea. This is mostly because your insurance provider may only cover up to a certain percentage of your total amount covered. An alternative is available by opting to pay for extra coverage or getting separate coverage from the storage facility. The only way that you will know whether everything is covered is by properly assessing values.

Fill Out a Worksheet 

Instead of writing down items with no plan in mind, you should use a worksheet made for this purpose. You can find a simple worksheet or you can get one that separates each room. Adding a storage unit section will make it easy to determine what it is that you have in storage and what is in your home. Writing down details such as price paid and model or serial numbers is crucial to getting the right amount reimbursed. It is even fine to go into detail about the condition of your items to help your provider.

Take Photos and Videos

Although being thorough with your words is often enough to satisfy insurance providers, you may want to go a step further to avoid the possibility that you might actually need more detail for precise results. Taking pictures of everything you intend on putting into storage is highly beneficial. You can go a bit further by capturing some photos of the storage unit once you have it full with the items that are listed.

If you have a decent video capture function, you should consider taking a video as well. This way, you can easily show multiple angles of your possessions without having to take lots of photos for each item.

Similar to how you want the things in your home to be protected in case of theft or a natural disaster, you also want to go through the steps to make sure everything in your storage unit will be covered.