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Storing The Right Way

Storage Tips For Moms And Dads That Keep Everything From And About Their Kids

by Sophia Meyer

One of the greatest parts of being a parent is when your little one brings home his or her first special art work. If you are like many parents, you may have a couple of boxes of special keepsakes from your just your child's time in kindergarten. You may not have the heart to toss any drawing or other art work from your little one in the trash, despite the fact you have boxes filled with them stacking up. If this sounds familiar, check out how you can not only keep all your kid's keepsakes, but store them in a manner they will be in good condition when you hand it all back to your kid when he or she is grown.

Storing Artwork Like Finger Paintings

While your little one's first couple of finger paintings may not be as expensive and delicate as a famous Picasso painting, they do require similar storage techniques for remaining in good condition during long-term storage, such as Econo Storage. If you have kept finger paintings and other painted artwork in a cardboard box, you may find they are turning brittle and brown. Storing your kid's paintings in acid-free containers is best to prevent the natural process of oxidation. If you are planning to put your keepsakes into a storage unit, be sure to choose one with climate control because temperature impacts the paper, causing it to deteriorate faster. Also, be sure to pack finger paintings into closed acid-free boxes because light will cause a chemical break down to occur in the paint that leads to distinctive fading.

What To Do With Painted Ceramic Sculptures In Storage

If your child made you a tiny, colorfully painted bowl out of clay, you may have it on your work desk for years. However, if you decide to store it, making sure it remains as colorful as the day your child painted is important. When packing dried clay and ceramic sculptures your little one made in his or her art class, be sure to wrap them in paper that will not adhere to the paint over time. Choosing climate control is also important to help reduce the risk of the paint sticking to the paper you use to wrap your child's sculptures in. Never use newspaper or any other type of printed paper because the ink will fade onto your sculptures. White, dye-free tissue paper used for gift-wrapping is a good choice for wrapping sculptures for long-term storage.

You can enjoy your kid's artwork for many years. However, when the time comes to give it back to them, they will appreciate the time and effort you took to care for it.