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Storing The Right Way

3 Ways To Keep Pests From Entering Your Storage Unit

by Sophia Meyer

Storage facility units (click here to learn more) are great things. Whether you plan on storing a few extra things during a big move or you simply don't have enough space in your house or apartment, storage units can provide an invaluable service. However, like all things in life, it pays to be careful with them. Storage units can become susceptible to pests, like rodents and roaches if you're not careful. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you'll learn of just a few ways you can take a preventative measure against the presence of pests.     

Don't Store Plants 

It's simply not a good idea to store plants in your storage unit. They won't receive much in the way of light and if you're there to water them, then they will shrivel up quite quickly. Moreover, plants can provide a place for insects to make their way into your storage unit. The moist topsoil of potted plants, as well as the cover that their leaves provide, make it a perfect ecosystem for insects to make their home. From the plant, you can be sure that they will make their way to your treasured belongings. Make sure that you also adequately clean any gardening tools of any soil that you plan on storing, as well.

Don't Store Garbage

Anything that might be considered garbage should be kept out of your storage unit. This includes items that were once used to store food and are unclean, used bags and papers, and scraps of cardboard that are otherwise unusable. If you plan on storing any item that might be considered unsanitary or unclean, keep in mind that this will most likely attract rodents and insects. In addition, if you see any trash outside of your storage unit, you should either pick it up and place it in the proper receptacle or contact the landlord of the facility and inform them of the issue.

Washcloth-Based Items

Cloth based items should be properly cleaned before being stored in a storage unit. If left dirty or unsanitary, these cloth based items can become a safe haven for pests. Take the time to wipe your furniture down with a dry towel and have any removable cloth parts dry cleaned. Make sure that clothes that you store are not only clean but also sufficiently dry. Moist or damp clothes can create the perfect conditions for a roach colony. Ensure that your storage unit is as clean as possible by storing clean cloth based items.