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Storing The Right Way

Three Reasons For Small Business Owners To Use Self-Storage

by Sophia Meyer

Running a small business provides you with many opportunities for success, but also many different challenges that you must handle. In many cases, one of these challenges can be managing the small amount of space you have for your office or storefront. If you have significant storage needs, you might find yourself keeping some of your products at home in your garage and transporting things to and from your office regularly. There's a better way. By renting a space at a self-storage facility near your place of work, you can store the items that you don't need on a daily basis in this new space to have them readily available -- and free up the space in your home at the same time. Here are three reasons for small business owners to use self-storage.

Secure Space For Documents

Even if you keep digital copies of your important financial statements, it's common for small business owners to also keep this information as hard copies. Over the years, these invoices, bank statements, order forms and other documents can fill up box after box and take up significant space in your office. Since you don't typically need to consult these hard copies regularly, you can transport them to a self-storage facility nearby. Many such facilities pride themselves on providing secure storage for customers, so you won't have to worry about your private information being made public.

Opportunity To Order In Bulk

If you're in the business of selling products, you might find that you need to keep your orders from your suppliers low because of a shortage of storage space. When you're making smaller orders, it's common for the cost per unit to be higher than during larger bulk orders. You can improve your financial bottom line by making larger orders and simply storing the goods that you don't immediately need at your nearby self-storage facility.

A Place To Store Office Items

Whether you're the type of small business owner who occasionally ends up with surplus office equipment or you just enjoy decorating around the holidays and have a significant amount of decor items, it's ideal to avoid allowing these things to clutter your space. Over time, they can make your office seem disorganized and even cause stress to your employees. It's better to load up what you don't consistently need and store it off-site. Everything will still be easily accessible without cluttering your working space.

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