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Storing The Right Way

Three Situations In Which Short-Term Storage Can Be Beneficial

by Sophia Meyer

Some customers of self-storage businesses rent units to use for years on end as an extension of their storage space at home. While this approach is certainly handy if you're short on storage space, it's not the only way to use a self-storage facility in your community. Because many of these businesses don't require their customers to sign long-term contracts, it's often possible to secure storage space for a month or even less time. If you're facing a situation in which you need a storage solution but don't require it for long, a self-storage facility that offers short-term rentals can make your life easier. Here are three such situations.

Home Renovation

One of the challenges commonly faced during home renovations is finding a place to store the items that normally live in the rooms that are being worked on. It's difficult, for example, to simply relocate couches, bookshelves and other large pieces of furniture – especially if your home is small. Whether you don't have space or simply want to maintain some degree of order in your home during the completion of the project, self-storage can come in handy. You can transport all the items that would otherwise be in the way during your renovation and know that they're clean and out of harm's way until the makeover project is complete.

Estate Management

Dealing with the estate of a recently deceased loved one can pose logistical challenges. In many cases, you need to get the home listed for sale as quickly as possible and might not have time to sort through all the possessions. Because homes that aren't cluttered look better to prospective buyers, it's beneficial to think about transporting the items that are taking up excess space in the home to a nearby self-storage facility. This will hopefully help you sell the home more quickly and you'll have time to concentrate on going through the items and dealing with them by donating them, selling them or giving them away.

Unexpected House Guest

If you're playing host to someone who is moving into your home for a short amount of time – perhaps after a divorce – you might find that you need to create room. While the person might be traveling light, you can make his or her temporary living quarters feel more like home by removing your items and storing them in a self-storage facility. They'll be conveniently out of the way for your guest and once this person moves on, you can return everything to its rightful place.