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Storing The Right Way

How to Pack Your Storage Unit

by Sophia Meyer

Self-storage units can be used for all types of reasons. Maybe you are trying to downsize or you're in between houses and need somewhere to store your things. Maybe you need extra storage space to keep seasonal items rather than letting them clutter up the garage or attic. Whatever your reason for needing a storage unit, you should know how to pack it to use the space efficiently.

Pack with Boxes and Labels

Be sure your items are in uniform boxes so they can be stacked easily and high up if need be. Boxes are sold at most storage facilities. Plastic storage totes are nice to use as well, especially clear totes so you can see what's inside. Also, be sure to label your boxes or totes on all sides so you know exactly what is inside of them, and be specific. Don't just label the box "kitchen," list exactly what kitchen items are inside so you can find what you need easily.

Protect Your Furniture

Protect your furniture from moisture, dust, and scratches with padded covers, blankets, or sheets. Protect mattresses with mattress bags that can also be found at most storage facilities. Store these larger bulky items closest to the walls of the unit. If you are worried about water getting into your storage unit, you can store these items on top of a pallet to help protect them and to give you peace of mind.

Store Biggest to Smallest

To help give you a clear view of the items in your unit, be sure to pack big items such as furniture and stacked boxes against the wall, then store smaller items in front so they are closest to the walkway.

Leave a Pathway

Speaking of walkways, be sure to leave one so you can maneuver around your storage unit. Leave a path through the middle of your belonging for smaller units and leave multiple paths if you have a larger unit. It'll help you whenever you need to find something that is buried deep inside your unit, so you'll be grateful you made those pathways.

Create an Inventory

Be sure to have an inventory list of what you have in your storage unit. It'll help you when you are looking for something and aren't exactly sure what you did with it. Also, if there is ever a problem such as a natural disaster or a break-in, a well-inventoried list will help you to file an insurance claim.

Packing your storage unit isn't too difficult, it just takes a little bit of planning beforehand so you use the space effectively and efficiently.