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Storing The Right Way

Loving Keepsakes And Self Storage: How To Protect Your Doll House

by Sophia Meyer

Sometimes, children outgrow toys that still hold a great deal of value both physically and personally. One of the most beautiful items your child may outgrow is their doll house. If the doll house is still in great condition, you want to keep it that way when you place it in self storage. Here are helpful ways to protect your loved one's doll house while it's in self storage.

Secure the Doll House's Furnishings

If the doll house has different types of furniture, such as chairs and small lamps, place these items inside a separate storage container. They can break or damage easily if you accidentally jostle or overturn the doll house during transport. You also don't want to misplace or lose pieces your grandchildren may use in the future.

The container for the doll house should feature separate storage compartments to protect your furnishings. A large jewelry display case works great in this case. Also, wrap items that have multiple pieces or sets in bubble wrap, then secure the wrap with clear tape. Finally, insert cotton pads or soft cloths along the insides and bottoms of each compartment to keep the items from moving around during transport.

If you don't have cotton pads or soft cloths, put the furniture in a soft carrying case until you reach the storage unit, then place them inside the jewelry case before you leave. Be sure to place the jewelry case in the supine or flat position to keep the furniture from falling out.

Protect the Sides and Interior of the Doll House

After you secure the furniture, protect the outside of the house with bubble wrap and muslin cloth. Bubble wrap cushions the house against damage if you plan to store other items with it. Muslin cloth keeps dust and dirt out of your doll house. Keep in mind that even if you rent a climate controlled storage unit, dust can still develop inside it and form on the doll house.

Once you arrive to the storage unit, cover the doll house with a wide piece of muslin cloth. The cloth should be long enough to reach the floor and wide enough to cover both sides of the house.

Secure the cloth to the doll house with a soft, long cord. However, avoid placing large or heavy items on the top of the house. These types of things can break or collapse the house while it's in storage.

Before you leave the storage unit, place all large items away from the doll house and jewelry display case. You may enter the unit at a later date and accidentally push the large items into the house and case and break them.

If you need additional help placing your doll house in storage, contact a storage facility in your area, such as Acorn Self Service Storage.