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Storing The Right Way

Spend Less On Your Storage Unit With These Three Tips

by Sophia Meyer

If you live in a city with a self storage facility, renting a unit to store the extra items that are cluttering your home can be beneficial. With fewer possessions in your garage, basement and throughout your house, you'll often find yourself in an environment that feels less overwhelming. If you're on a budget and are tentative about the idea of paying for rental space, don't give up on your goal of decluttering your home. Instead, you can turn to some easy-to-adopt tips to help you save money on the cost of your storage unit. Here are three ways to reduce the price that you'll pay.

Be Smart When You Pack

Don't be in a hurry to gather your extra belongings and transport them to the storage facility. Instead, devote ample time and effort to packing carefully to lessen the overall volume of your possessions. When you're rushing, it can be easy to toss a few items in a box, close the box and move on to another task. This approach, however, often leaves extra room inside the box that you're not using. When repeated, you can end up with far more boxes than necessary -- and have to pay for a larger storage unit. Spending time packing efficiently can often be the key to renting a smaller unit.

Loan When You Can

Large items such as furniture can quickly fill up a storage space and require you to pay for a larger and more expensive unit. Take stock of the large items that you're planning to store and see if you can loan them to anyone in your circle of friends and family members. This approach means that you can often rent a smaller unit and that those in need around you will benefit from your furniture. Think of a teenager going off to college, for example, who might be able to benefit from the use of a free furniture item for a few years.

Split The Bill

Check to see if any of your family members have excess possessions and a desire to rent space at a storage facility. If you can find someone who's interested, consider putting your money together and splitting the rental of a larger unit. This cost-effective approach can save you money and also be convenient if you're looking for an extra set of hands to help you transport your items to the storage facility.

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