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Storing The Right Way

Two Tips For Storing Your Business's Important Documents

by Sophia Meyer

There are many businesses that are required by either the law or professional regulations to retain their clients' documents. This is particularly common for those in the legal or medical field, but storing these documents can be a logistical challenge. While mini storage may be one of the best options for retaining these documents without cluttering your office, it is important for you to take some steps to prevent damage from occurring to these documents while they are being stored. 

Wrap The Boxes In Plastic

Every box that you put into the storage unit should be wrapped in several layers of protective plastic. This plastic will help prevent condensation from forming on the interior of the box by keeping moist air from getting inside it. However, this is not the only benefit that this protective layer will offer because it will also keep insects from getting inside the box and damaging your documents. 

Some people may avoid this because they are concerned they will not be able to tell which box is which. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem because you can simply use a label maker to easily identify the contents of each box. To help make it easier for you to keep these boxes encased in plastic wrap, you should keep a roll of this wrap at the storage unit, and you should invest in a portable label maker so you can easily wrap and label the boxes that you have used. 

Insulate The Boxes

While plastic wrap is excellent at prevent condensation from forming, there are times where it is not the best option on its own. For example, if the air is extremely humid, there is a chance a small amount of condensation may form on the interior of the box. Luckily, you can easily insulate the box to prevent this condensation from coming into contact with your important documents. 

When insulating the box, you will want to use crinkled newspaper, and you will need to ensure that there are at least a couple of inches of newspaper at the top of the box. However, you need to make sure to only use unprinted newspaper to eliminate the risk of ink transferring to your important documents. 

Your business's important documents do not have to be placed at risk when you store them. By understanding the benefits of wrapping the boxes in plastic and insulating them with newspaper, you can help ensure that your documents will be in excellent condition when you need them. For more information about this and other storage topics, contact a professional like Simonson's Mini Storage.