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Storing The Right Way

Keeping Moisture Out Of Your Storage Unit

by Sophia Meyer

If you are renting a storage unit in the near future, you will want to do whatever necessary to keep your belongings free of moisture. Even a small amount of moisture can cause damage like mold, mildew, rust or wood rot and ruin some of your items, making it important to take steps to avoid this altogether. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your items for storage so they stay dry and ways help keep moisture levels in your storage unit minimal.

Packing To Avoid Moisture

Before packing items to go into storage, make sure they are thoroughly dry. Any moist items put into storage will raise the humidity level, making other items prone to damage. When storing clothing, put items in the dryer for ten minutes before folding them and putting them into bins. When storing water activity items, such as scuba gear, fishing equipment, or boating items, leave them out in the sun to dry for several hours before putting them into storage to help remove any moisture that is trapped within the materials.

Place furniture covers over any wood furniture or mattresses to keep moisture away from the items. Never place plain plastic over wood furniture, as it can trap moisture underneath, making damage even worse. Most storage units have concrete floors. Keeping items prone to moisture away from the concrete will help keep them safe. Use wood pallets or shelving units to lift these items off of the floor.

Preparing The Unit

When you rent your storage unit, take a look at the seal around the doorway to make sure it is working properly. If there are any gaps or spaces where water can get through, you may have a lot of trouble combating moisture inside. Pour a bottle of water on the ground in front of your storage unit while the door is shut. Lean it upon the door as you dump it out so that the water goes up to the seal. When you open the door, look at the floor to see if any water had gotten inside. If the seal is not working, ask the storage unit manager to switch you to a different unit.

There are a few items you can place around your storage unit to help keep moisture from building up inside. Place a few bowls of charcoal in the corners of the rooms. Charcoal will retain moisture that is in the air, helping to keep levels of humidity low. Cedar wood and cat litter have the same ability. Many people opt for placing cedar wood blocks around their storage unit, as it helps keep away moisture while leaving a fragrant scent in the unit.

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