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Storing The Right Way

Understanding Weight Limits For Storage Trailers

by Sophia Meyer

Renting a storage trailer or researching how these vehicles are used? Take a look at how weight safety issues play into the equation and how to manage these vehicles.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and Gross Axle Weight Rating

These types of weight ratings involve the weight of the trailer itself, along with whatever it is loaded with. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating includes the weight on vehicle axles, as well as on the tongue of the trailer or whatever the "fifth point" is for contact with the ground. The Gross Axle Weight Rating is the specific load on the axles, which is distributed according to the number of axles on the vehicle.

To measure these types of weight ratings, it's necessary to weigh the vehicle when it's fully loaded, with all passengers and cargo inside. This can be accomplished at public weighing stations, or in a particular business facility. Vehicles that exceed the total weight rating may need to be offloaded to the extent that they will comply with maximum weight requirements.

Tongue Weight

The tongue weight of the vehicle is actually the amount of weight put on the trailer tongue or hitch. This governs the pressure that the trailer will put on the towing vehicle and also impacts the process of getting hitched up. One way to measure this is to take the Gross Vehicle Weight and subtract the axle weight. Another way is to directly put the tongue on a scale to weigh it.

Weight Distribution

Weight distribution in a trailer is important and impacts safety. That's why these different weights have to be measured in contrast, to make sure that the trailer is properly loaded. In general, it's necessary to have an equal distribution of weight up front and in the back of the unit, as well as side to side. Items also have to be safely tied down or otherwise constrained to prevent movement during travel. Another critical safety tip is to always follow proper protocol for hitching a trailer, especially when jacking it up and working against the full vehicle weight.

Knowing these weights and how to measure them is not just an issue for a business or enterprise. Anyone who is using one of the storage trailers to move heavy gear should know about all of the rules and regulations attached to weight ratings, in order to protect themselves from liability and operate more safely on the road.

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